Banish pests from the kitchen

1.Deal with spills immediately

Adopt a clean as you go method when you cook. If there is a liquid ingredient spill, immediately soak it up with a towel. Not only will this help avoid kitchen accidents but it will also prevent any ants or flies from entering the kitchen space.

2.Check the cupboards

Regularly clean cupboards and shelves. It is important to ensure that the dry food you keep in them are secured and do not have holes or spills that can attract pests.

To further repel cockroaches, wipe shelf with water mixed with drops of citronella or lemongrass oil.

3. Block the gaps

To prevent cockroaches from getting in and breeding, block the gaps in walls, around pipes and between skirting boards and flooring.

The easiest and most economical way is using adhesive tapes.

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