to celebrate ayam brand's 125th anniversary


4 products are sent to space

in 4 balloons!


which balloon will go
the highest, the fastest and the furthest?


prices 600pxTHE RACE IS CLOSED!

 Winners will be announced on January 3rd 2018


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The targeted parameters:

Target Logo Reaching the stratosphere
Shooting in 360 VR
Recording speed, altitude and temperatures
Educational work with WWF to protect our atmosphere

The challenges

Challenges logo

Seamless splicing of 360 degree clips
Finding a 360 camera that could resist to -60 Degrees Celsius
Launching the balloon in a time and place that would allow for their safe recovery
Recovering all parts of the balloons in order to be sustainable

The timeline

 Tima logo

4 months of research and study
2 months of design and building
1 month of test and practice

AFTER 7 MONTHs OF tests WE MANAGED TO LAUNCH 6 trial BALLOONS & 4 racing balloons

you will find the first clues in these two videos


 this is a 360  Virtual Reality video, you can and should navigate inside it

with your mouse, your finger or a VR headset to experience full immersion

* VR is not supported on safari - for iphone click here

whiteballoon BB optim
whiteballoon sardines optim 
whiteballoon coco tetrapak whiteballoon Tuna optim


icons blue 125LOGO 250

Established in 1892, Ayam Brand™ is easily recognized by its rooster or ‘Ayam’ logo. It is one of the oldest continuously utilised  consumer brands in Asia, available in more than 30 countries, worldwide.

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Innovation also keeps Ayam Brand up to date, and fresh, delighting new generations of fans. It also has on-going efforts to provide healthier options with reduced sugar, fat and sodium content via its ‘Lite’ range, a growing organic selection, variants that suit a plethora of tastes from mild to super spicy, whilste innovating in terms of packaging.



 Message from Mrs. Elaine Tan, CEO of WWF Singapore

F Reyjal WWF

Ayam Brand CEO with the Officer from the Ministry of Education
at WWF's Masterclass
- Kahang, Malaysia





Globe logo

We have only one planet and only one atmosphere. While Earth is 12,742 km in diameter, the layer of  breathable air is only within an average of 13 km altitude.
The balloon race is an opportunity to demonstrate how close we are to space and how thin our air reserve actually is.
It is therefore everybody's duty to protect our only layer of air!

ayam brand™ commitment

orang utang face A long-term Partner of WWF, Ayam Brand is a founding member of SASPO, an organisation that promotes sustainable palm oil in order to fight haze, deforestation and to protect wildlife habitat.

educating the young

Education graduation hat logo

Taking advantage of the balloon race, WWF gave a masterclass on sustainability to the children of the school from where the balloons were launched.
Ayam Brand has  also produced educational copyright free videos based on the Race To Space that schools can use in their sustainability classes.

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